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Microblogging: Future of Search engine optimization (SEO)

After release of several Google algorithm updates people are still in confusion, how to save sites from Google algorithmic hits? Microblogging is a right way to derive traffic on site and good pass to talk with people familiarly. Micro blogging is the manner of sharing content like text, pictures, video and other on internet. As major search engines are also focusing on providing best results to user, Micro blogging will be the good SEO practice to generate relevant information and gain visibility in SERP.

Now several questions come in mind like how does it work, why is it beneficial and who’s doing it? A lot of people who blogging regularly, find it easier alternative to conventional blogging, or even uses sites like Facebook, twitter and tumblr. All you need to do is sign up and start typing. You don’t have to worry about the look or anything like that. Also these social media sites are right path of social promotions for SEO Companies.

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Now micro blogging is a powerful tool to promote fresh and new content in the world of SEO. People are still in confusion, is micro blogging beneficial or not? The only way to find out is to give it a try. Spend a week or a month and you will easily be a fan of these sites. Micro blogging is fun, interesting and of course the future of communication. It has fame, stature and most importantly good level of privacy that have ability to restrict people under the radar.

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People love to read new content and quality content is also a necessary factor for higher ranking. A visitor friendly content is not very effective for user experience but also ranking higher in competitors as well. Research says that the Bing and Google use facebook like and +1 as a ranking signal and today people use these sites for content promotion as well. So Micro blog today and stay one step ahead from your competitor.

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